Departments and Divisions

Administrative & Finance Division

The Administrative Division provides support and service for the activities of the Bureau, and performs various administrative functions regarding human resources (staff), budget preparation, financial affairs and other related administrative areas.

Implementation Department

The Implementation Division of the Grenada Bureau of Standards (GDBS) is responsible for implementing compulsory standards in Grenada. The Standards Act, No. 16 of 1989 and Metrology Act of 1997 mandates the Bureau to provide specific services which includes the implementation of compulsory standards and the monitoring of practices, processes and services that affect the health and safety of the consumer or adversely affect the environment and to ensure that all weighing and measuring instruments used in trade are verified for accuracy.

Currently there are 24 compulsory standards administered by the GDBS. Compliance with the compulsory specifications is a legal requirement for the sale, manufacture and importation of these products.

The Legal Metrology Unit is part of the Implementation Division of the Grenada Bureau of Standards and it is equipped and capable of providing much needed calibration and verification services to the private sector. Such services will also assist businesses in operating within the legal framework of the Metrology Act.

Standardization Division

The Bureau is responsible for the preparation and promotion of standards in relation to goods, services, processes and practices locally. The Bureau recognizes that standards require genuine public/private partnerships involving industry, producers, governments, consumer groups and regulators. Standards are therefore developed in a wide variety of fields by Technical Committees comprised of experts in each field. This Division of the Bureau is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the development of national standards. Justification must be provided for any standards development project. The division works closely with various technical committees and other interested parties to develop and execute the standards development work programme.

Materials Laboratory Division

The Materials Laboratory Division of the Grenada Bureau of Standards provides materials testing services to the construction industry, private sector, homeowners and contractors. These services include testing of soil, concrete blocks, asphalt, aggregates and cement and geo-technical investigation. All tests are conducted in accordance with national, regional and international standards such as American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International), British Standards Institute (BSI), etc.

Certification Department

This department is responsible for the implementation of certification programmes to ensure that products, processes and services have passed performance and quality assurance test or qualification requirements stipulated in regulations such as national standards, or that it complies with a set of regulations governing quality and minimum performance requirements.

Metrolgy Division

The Metrology Division is responsible for legal metrology and industrial metrology activities. This division utilizes the services of the metrology laboratory in the areas of mass, volume and  length, electrical metrology laboratory for the verification of electrical meters and the newly established temperature laboratory for the calibration and  verification of thermometers.

 Laboratory Services Division

The Laboratory Services Division encompasses all the laboratory services offerred by the Grenada Bureau of Standards. This division oversees the operations of the Analytical Chemistry, Microbiology, Metrology, Electrical, Temperature and Materials Testing laboratories. The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory in May of 2016 attained ISO 17025 accreditation and became the first laboratory in Grenada to be ISO 17025 accredited. The services under this division have expanded over the years to address the demands of the local market.