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 Achievements 1999 - 2009


  • The Exportation of Fresh Produce Act is promulgated;   
  • The GDBS Tyre Inspection Programme commences. This programme involves 100% inspection of used tyres entering the country as well as batch inspection on new tyres. 



  • GDBS offices are relocated to rented properties at the GCNA building at Lagoon Road, St. George’s;  
  • Mr. Simeon Collins is appointed as Acting Director of GDBS;  
  • The number of technical committees increases to ten as standardization activities become more responsive for national and economic developments;  
  • GDBS heads the implementation of a Windward Islands Fresh Produce Project funded by the Caribbean Regional Development Programme for Economic Competitiveness (CPEC) aimed at increasing the competitiveness of fresh produce in the Windward Islands.  



  • Interest in HACCP begins to take root locally with the hosting of the first ever HACCP Workshop in Grenada and the conducting of HACCP Audits at a number of local plants;  
  • First ever catalogue of national standards is published. The catalogue gives a full listing of all national standards and what they entail;  
  • The GDBS Compulsory Standards Programme is extended to include rice, wet seasoning, toilet tissue and labels of domestic electrical appliances;  
  • Mr. Simeon Collins is appointed Director.  



  • Fish Exporting Plants assist in putting measures in place to meet EU standards;  
  • The total number of national standards in force reaches 140;  
  • GDBS commences its Water Quality Assurance Programme through which periodic sampling and testing of bottled water is done for compliance with the National Standard for  Bottled Water;  
  • The Bureau begins a batch certification programme, through which it provides third party testimony to the fact that a particular batch of products meets national and regional standards.  



  • GDBS secures a grant from GDB/TASU to purchase a Compression Tester to monitor the quality of hollow concrete blocks;  
  • All packing houses for Fresh Produce are inspected and officers are trained to conduct inspection of fresh agricultural produce;  
  • Grenada gets more involved in the work of Codex Alimentarius (the International Food Standards  Development body) with the appointment of a National Codex Committee.  



  • GDBS undertakes organizational and programme restructuring and moves to new offices at Queen’s Park. This results in an increase in the scope of services to the public, greater efficiency and  productivity;  
  • A national standard for the Licensing and Approval of Child Care Homes is developed and implemented;  
  • Hurricane Ivan damages GDBS offices and laboratories on September 7.  



  • GDBS reconstructs its offices and laboratories following the destruction done by Hurricane Ivan;  
  • The Bureau places emphasis on the development of a national quality infrastructure for Grenada through an OAS-sponsored project. A framework document and an action plan for modernizing the quality infrastructure is developed;  
  • GDBS receives from CTRADECOM much needed equipment to further implement its Metrology Programme;  
  • A data base for the computerization of the Bureau’s library is developed. This has greatly facilitated the speed at which documents can be retrieved.  



  • The Bureau is integrally involved in major social and economic development projects such as the development of the National Export Strategy and the development of a  National Strategic Plan;  
  • GDBS conducts an island wide survey to determine the   contingent conditions under which poultry is produced locally for sale;  
  • The Bureau continues to place emphasis on services with the development of a national standard for Care and Protection of the Elderly;  
  • A Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) Certification Programme for farmers is established in collaboration with IICA.  



  • GDBS launches it Tourism Industry Certification Programme as a critical tool for improvement of the quality of tourism services offered in Grenada;  
  • GDBS formalizes its relationship with ASTM International through a Memorandum of Understanding;  
  • The Central Materials Laboratory is amalgamated with the Grenada Bureau of Standards. This leads to an increase in staff and a widening and diversification of  the services offered by the Bureau particularly in the area of materials testing. Tests can be done on hollow concrete blocks, cement, ready-mix concrete, asphalt and soils;  
  • GDBS commences the implementation of ISO/IEC 17025: General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories with the training of staff and the development of a Quality Manual, Operating Procedures, etc.  



  • A new five-year strategic plan for the period 2008 -  2012 is developed in keeping with the Grenada Export Strategy and other economic and social priorities outlined in the National Plan;  
  • Food processors get an opportunity to improve the   competitiveness of their products with the introduction of a Livelihood for Development in Agro-processing Project funded by the FAO;  
  • Training workshop in support of Grenada Export Stratgy is held with the funding from the OAS in the following areas:

- Market Entry Requirements 

- Implementation of ISO 9000 Management Standards 

- Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction 


  • The Bureau launches its new website: 
  • Bureau’s personnel formed part of the team of Caribbean facilitators who conducted workshops in Guyana, Suriname & Belize;  
  • The Bureau collaborates with IICA to provide technical assistance to small agro processors culminating with the formation of Grenada Association of Small Agro processors (GASAP).  



  • The first thirteen (13) hotels are certified  under the Bureau’s Tourism Certification Programme;  
  • Farmers, processors and herbalists get an opportunity to produce quality herbs for export through the introduction of the Bureau’s Herbal Project;  
  • The Bureau partners with the Trade & Export Division of the Ministry of Finance to host a ‘How to Export’ Seminar;  
  • The Bureau begins to undertake more strategic interventions with local manufacturers and exporters, through technical assistance to support the formation of an Exporters Association; this activity is funded by the OAS;  
  • The Bureau partners with Caribbean Export and CROSQ to host a workshop on the ‘Use of Standards in Enhancing SMEs Competitiveness’;  
  • The Bureau partners with the OAS and the Ministry of Finance to host a Solar Drying Workshop;  
  • GDBS signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Marketing & National Importing Board and the Ministry of Agriculture to provide technical support in the areas of standards and quality as part of the Grenada Commercial Agriculture Development Project. 



Upcoming Events       

World Metrology Day        May 20, 2015

World Accreditation Day   June 09, 2015



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